R W. "Bud" Lichtenwalner Jr.

R W. "Bud" Lichtenwalner Jr. | Architectural and Landscape Artist

Backed by nearly four decades of professional expertise, R W. “Bud” Lichtenwalner Jr. is a renowned architectural and landscape freelance artist. Finding great success throughout his career trajectory, he was the recipient of a Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art Award from ArtTour International Magazine for the 2018-2019 year, with earlier artistic accomplishments dating back to his second grade school district art show, winning the First Blur Ribbon Award. In 2000, one of his first solo exhibits was featured at Nazareth High School and showcased his colored pencil landscapes Mr. Lichtenwalner holds a diploma in art studies from Nazareth High School in Pennsylvania and is a past member of the Colored Pencil Society of America.

Mr. Lichtenwalner notes his artistic abilities came from his mother, whose skills went as far as flower arranging. With her encouragement, he began drawing houses for people in his hometown for a small commission in 1971. He loved natural landscapes and always enjoyed nature, so he also got into landscaping. Mr. Lichtenwalner attributes his success to the support of his family and continuous practice in his field, as he always studies and carefully observed things, such as the color of a leaf, the ground, vast land and more. Looking toward the future, Mr. Lichtenwalner aims to continue to strive to become a well-known figure in the landscape art world, with his ultimate goal being to have one piece of art in a major museum, such as the National Gallery.

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